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Brain Disorders

Nearly 1 in 6 of world’s population suffer from neurological disorders

United Nation Report in 2007

Purpose of the Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine (CLM):

According to the United Nations report in 2007, Up to 1 billion people, nearly one in six of the world’s population, suffer from neurological disorders, from Alzheimer and Parkinson disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to migraine, brain injuries and neuroinfections.

Those patients have suffered from various kinds of cognitive and emotional problems such as memory, decision making, language problems, depression, anxiety that affecting their daily living significantly. However, most of the cognitive disorders cannot be treated efficiently with western medicine. The purpose for the Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine is try to solve this major health issue worldwide.

About us

Professor Suiyin Agnes Chan and her research team at the Department of Psychology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has tried to establish an intervention that can improve the cognitive functions, psychological wellbeing and physical health of those patients. This research team has begun their studies since 2007 and has tested out their program on children with autism, older adults with memory problems and patients with depression. The results so far are very encouraging.


Research Center for Neuropsychological Well-being

Room 425 Esther Lee Building

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, NT. Hong Kong

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